Managing 1,000's Requests?

Product Features Product Compare Packages Release Notes Value
Product Managers Supported Not Supported N/A Not Supported N/A
Marketing Supported N/A Not Supported Supported
Sales Supported Supported Supported Supported
Customer Support Supported Supported Supported Supported Not Supported


Organize Feature List

Keep all features in one master list, Rank value for each stakeholder, Prioritize.

Serarch for feature

Can product do X? Is this feature on the roadmap?

Compare Products

Compare products and packages.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive and gap analysis for products vs competition.

Who is using it:

Product Managers, Engineering, Support Team

Manage Features, Releases, Branches, Release notes. Find what was released and when

Marketing Team

Products and offers - pricing and features included. What's coming up.

Sales Team

Can product do this? Feature search, match products with customer needs